Performance Mastery

Your digital transformation plan.

Digital transformation is a power that can drive any team's performance if applied correctly. Our 'Performance Mastery' program allows teams to identify workloads that respond to 'productivity' or 'transformational' redesign. When essential workloads are industrialised this leaves capacity for your people to be re-aligned on what's critical. Imagine doubling your teams effectiveness and laser alignment with one's business outcomes.


Your capabilities?


Are you a leader or follower?


Willingness to support?


Productivity. Transformational.

Are you a manager?

... with a team, multiple teams or departments.

Are you an IT professional or CIO?

... guiding and mentoring business teams.

Performance Mastery is program helps define business systems, their objectives, measures and future requirements against a standardized framework. These are matched with relevant, meaningful digital transformation options that response to the productivity and more importantly your performance needs of the system. The program is designed to work for managers, with a team, multiple teams or departments, or CIO's to IT Pros guiding and mentoring business teams.

The challenge for any organization or business manager is to deliver meaningful results. The health, longevity, worth of any organization can be under pinned by many things but if it’s not delivering the expected outcome [depending on your org these vary- profits, returns on investment, reputation, compliance, social etc.] then natural competitive pressures will sooner or later take control.

Content outline

The Performance Mastery program makes use of a standardized methodology and framework to provide consistency across all system definitions. The methodology draws on workshop materials & videos to train the system owners, which are matched with guided processes and templates.

Step 1 - Exploring the fundamentals - systems thinking, productivity vs performance

Learn about system thinking as a management discipline. System thinking helps you understand the linkages and interactions between the components that comprise the entirety of that defined system. These are skills needed in the next step.

Step 2 - Your system defined - Inputs, out comes, measures

In this step we will work with you and your team to define your system/s with the use of a modelling framework that provides a simple, clear and precise definition of what needs to be managed.

Step 3 - Risk, alignment and gap analysis

Where are you today, where do you need to be in the future. In this step we are looking to build a narrative about the change drivers the gaps.

Step 4 - Role of 'digital transformation' for productivity or transformation

Where are you today, where do you need to be in the future. In this step we are looking to build a narrative about the change drivers the gaps.

Step 5 - Workhub patterns

The building blocks for workplace design.

Step 6 - Solutions & people

Designing solutions for people to be awesome.

'System' design framework

Sample System design framework

Connected systems & value chains