Workhub patterns

Front end capture | business logic | integration | empowering awesome humans.

Work lists

Work lists are dynamic data sets presented for review, triaging and downstream processing.


Visualize what is important or critical, making it ready to review the details and associated issues.

Work centres

Drill down on any item for a focused view of all relevant information. Manage, add, edit content all from one place.

Service actions

Empower staff with a range of pre-defined service actions under written with workflows and integrations.

An overview of dashboards, work centres & service actions

Dashboards - provide focus on what's 'critical'

Worklist data can be classified and dynamically surfaced into key buckets.

Each item can be tagged with status indicators and traffic lights to further highlight the context.

Custom hover overs and messages can be displayed with a simple mouse over.

Drill down on any item to see more detail and to take action.

Work centres - let you see the detail & context ... add, edit or delete

The work centre provides a detail view of all related content.

View and manage related documents, messages, files notes, auditor notes, policy procedures, actions items, contracts etc.

View and manage structured 'line of business' data across one or a number of backend systems or cloud services.

View and manage data mash ups combining or kinds of possibilities.

Service actions - empowering humans to do awesome work

Define one, some or many service actions as needed.

The service status can be colour coded and or security trimmed.

Real people can take action and get things done at the speed of light.

Respond to the process needs with powerful work flows pre-defined, ready to go.

Worklist data can come from anywhere ....

Mobile applications

The use of mobile devices is exploding, capture and process the back-end operations.

Anonymous web capture

Build the back-end processing to fully automate data capture with your existing LOB systems.

Cloud solutions []

Leverage data coming SAAS based cloud solutions such as, O365, Service now etc

Line of business platforms

Surface ERP or SQL based data into a single unified interface.

Middle wear

Leverage rich content coming from middle wear solutions such as K2 or Dell Boomi. Making use of these high value data streams.

Paper to electronic forms

Converting traditional paper-based forms to electronic equivalents is a key enabler of digital transformation. Industrializing the downstream services is essential to the realization of any performance benefits.

Student management systems

Extend and wrap student data with a new range of responsive services.

Human resources platforms

Extend and wrap critical HR data with a new range of responsive services.

Delivery tracking systems

Extend and wrap critical delivery system data with a new range of responsive services.